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Why do I only get so many packages?

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    Why do I only get so many packages?

    On my setup, this is what I find:

    For days I'm wondering what would be good trims to use, why I can't find any, etc. and it turns out that I get a very limited amount of content, which is very problematic. (Notice how I have only 5 HU_ folders and 9 LT_ folders) And when I look in other custom maps, I find that they have far more packages compared to me:

    Notice how there is far more HU_ and LT_ folders than in the first image. The question is, if this is all content that comes with the game, why doesn't it load it all for me? What do I have to do to get all the necessary Epic game content? Why am I given such a limited selection in the first place? Is it for space reasons, etc.?

    Thanks in advance.

    the packages are all there, they are not pre loaded so you must open them in the editor. By default the editor only opens with certain packages, if you put content in your map from other packages then they will open with the map. Its weird and I am sure it has to do with memory allocation. But you can load the packages in the editor and then use the meshes