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Question about terrain textures in udk

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  • Question about terrain textures in udk

    I have my level set up with a terrain and i have saved it to my flash drive. Whenever I apply the terrain texture it stays, but when I save my game and I quit out of the editor and reopen it the texture is not saved and just shows the defalt texture... Is there a way I can save my level with the terrain texture or copy anything so that my texture will stay on my level? THANKS

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    Are you using a custom texture/material for your terrain or just the setup for it? Either way, it's "best" for stand alone levels to have all of the custm content stored inside the map. You do this by selecting the name of the map in the drop down menu when importing. Use the Group field to help organize your work, if needed.

    If you rename the map, the content will stay with it. The one thing you normally have to do is actually use the content in the map before doing save/build. If not, the editor may think you no longer need it and delete it.


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      I use the terrain upk from the environments folder and then I create the packages for the texture. Then it shows that the texture is applied, I build the level then it looks great then quit ,then reopen it then the texture is gone and said the package is set to null and is missing.


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        Did you save your package before closing? You shouldn't forget to save it.

        And if you have further questions about the UDK, I recommend this UDK subforum. You seem to have mistaken the UT3 forum with the UDK forum.


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          Yeah I actually found out a way to get it to work just had to redo the terrain texture on the computer file instead of the flash drive and then just copied the my games folder to the flash drive and works great Thanks Sly for recommending the UDK Subforum that helps me greatly Thanks!