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Noob Level Designer looking for aid with a Cartoony/Comic book look for a map in UT3

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    Noob Level Designer looking for aid with a Cartoony/Comic book look for a map in UT3

    My apologizes ahead of time with my general ignorance of UT3 as an engine, but...

    Like the title suggests I want to know if it is possible for me to add a cartoony/comic book look to my Deathmatch map in UT3.

    I believe the terms used to refer to these are cell shading or sobel edge shading, but neither seems possible in UT3.

    At least I cannot find any tutorials on how to add these things to my map.

    I was told to research the use of the Post Processing Volume to get a comic book / cartoony effect, but I cannot get anything that I like out of it.

    The tools I have available are the Unreal Tournament 3 engine, (Obviously) Photoshop for custom textures and 3DSMax for custom models.

    I absolutely need to make this in the UT3 engine and I have already noticed how many UDK things simply do not work here...

    Is any of this even possible with a post processing effect in UT3?

    Is it overly complicated where I couldn't learn it to add it to a map that I must finish for Friday?

    Are these effects even possible to implement in the UT3 engine?

    Please point me in the direction of very basic tutorials if you can, because I am not sure where to start.

    Thank you for your time

    Here's a link to a discussion on the topic of cell shading. There's some advice and a large image with a cell shaded material setup in there.


      Thank you for your reply, but I've already read through that thread.

      It unfortunately is not helpful considering the fact that I don't know the first thing I have to do to begin cell shading in UT3.

      I'm looking for tutorials, but I cannot seem to find any that explain how to do it in UT3.

      I've done a fair bit of searching through google and the forum's search feature, but I cannot find a useful beginning.

      If anyone knows of a simple way to get cell shading or some other cartoon / comic book look for a UT3 map please let me know.

      And by simple I do mean simple! If it requires anything beyond Kismet or post processing volumes it's probably too over-scoped for my project.

      Until then... I am going to assume my teacher was referring to the sobel shading effect in UDK, which is unfortunately not UT3.

      Thanks again.


        Originally posted by Cheeseguy15 View Post
        Thank you for your reply, but I've already read through that thread.
        Yeah, however you missed the only thing relevant in that thread, the large image with the cell shaded material setup. Look at it, analyse it, and then replicate that setup in a material inside your project.
        There is no other way that I know of to get the cell shaded effect within UT3, besides materials. Kismet not required and post processing volumes not required either. Post processing volumes deal with color filters, bloom, and depth of field, not cell shading.


          Oh jeeze! I didn't even think of zooming in on that picture from the first page. I thought it was worthless since the site it was linked to was down.

          Good find!

          I guess the only problem would be guaranteeing that this material *It is a material right?* would be applied to everything in my level including the characters, pick ups, jump pads, teleporters and static meshes.

          I know how to alter static meshes to have a custom material and applying materials to BSP is a cake walk, but I haven't a clue of what to do for everything else.

          I suppose I could argue that my level is set in a toon world where the Unreal Tournament world invaded?

          Thanks again for your aid.

          Does anyone have an idea of how to apply the effect of this material on everything in my level?


            Once you make that basic cartoony material like in the image then you duplicate that material as many times as needed so that you can base all the other materials in you map on this setup.
            There is no quick and easy way to do this. You'll have to make a custom material for everything in your map, if you want everything to have this effect. If you have no idea how the material editor works, may I recommend looking through these tutorials: