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Associating a Spawn Point to an objective

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    Associating a Spawn Point to an objective

    I've been working on a custom map for my portfolio over the past few weeks, and I've just about reached beta, except for one small issue.

    I'm building a warfare map, and whenever one of my nodes is attacked the players will spawn at the next point back, as opposed to spawning at the closest spawn point. There is an option in the spawn points that allows me to force a player to spawn on it when the associated objective is under attack (the Boolean bPrioritizeWhenUnderAttack). However, I can't find any way of associating an objective to a spawn point. Is there anyone who knows how to do this? I'm probably overlooking something completely, but I could really use a hand.

    Thanks in advance!

    Can yo post the Kismet squence. I have been able to teleport players back to a certain spot. Do you want your players to spawn at a certain point when a specific node is attacked after they die or before they die?