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Character Texture Alignment Sideways

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    Character Texture Alignment Sideways

    I've imported a character with UVMap and Unwrap UVM modifiers. Everything appears fine in 3DStudio, but in UDK the textures are on the model sideways like stripes. In UnwrapUVM the texture is laid out sideways. It seemed to prefer that.

    (1) Do textures/maps have to be vertical in UDK?
    (2) Why aren't these things in sync? Is there a simple way to fix this?

    (I've tried rotating the UnwrapUVM and 3ds doesn't seem to like that. It then displays the texture sideways on the model.)

    From what I tried it does have to be vertical for UDK. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. Rotating the mapping and the textures in 3ds to be vertical fixed it this time.