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Help with orbs in warfare

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    Help with orbs in warfare

    I am doing a warfare map and i have a problem: I have added one orb for powercore but i have added other orb in a not coneccted node how a help for the team that can get the node, like torlan central node, but when you get the node the orb appear random in the node or in the core and i only want it appear in the node. How i can get it?

    An other question: do you can change the link settup of the nodes with kismet?

    Thanks for all

    as long as you control the stand alone node the orb should spawn there.

    for creating alternate link setups you need to add them in world properties, just like creating the original setup. click "add new item" on the link setups and give the new setup a name. when you're all done check "bSaveSetupToIni"

    i forget if it save the config ini the the right folder... it should be in this folder:
    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config for it to show up in the map list