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    No paths from PathNode_X

    I've been nearing the completion of a custom Warfare level, and hope to release a beta soon. Earlier in the development of the map I had bot paths setup and working fine for testing.

    A few nights ago I noticed that a rebuild of the pathing created a lot of "No paths from PathNode_X" warnings. Much of my map nodes stopped linking. Thinking this was a once off thing I deleted all the pathnodes and repathed the whole map. This didn't solve it though I'm afraid, and now it seems arbitrary as to which nodes link to others.

    Here's an image of the problem:

    The pathnodes are placed properly, and there is no difference between the ones that are working and those that are not.

    Is this a common error, if so how is it resolved? I appreciate any advice the community can give me.

    You usually get this error when the path node is stuck in either BSP or a static mesh.

    Most of the ones in the picture should link. You might want to try select one and pressing the "end" button. This will normally raise it up off the ground.

    The one in the tree may not work because the collision of the tree will probably block the path from being created.


      I would do what Odedge said first.

      However, if this won't fix it I suggest to save your map, remove some pathnodes (not all), rebuild and see if the problem still persists.

      Too many pathnodes can lead to this issue as well and I see that only at this spot the pathnodes are very close to each other (compared to the others).

      Rebuilding the paths from scratch shouldn't be necessary.


        Thanks for the replies so far.

        I've made sure that the nodes are not in geometry or collision - the tree is custom and there is ample space under the roots. I used the end key to make sure that the nodes are off the ground (many of them didn't move), so that's not a problem.

        I also tried cutting down on the PathNodes, and spacing them a little more. Same problem. I currently have 576 Nodes, and Torlan Necris has 700.

        It might also be worth mentioning this isn't an isolated problem, many other areas of the map are affected. As seen here:


          Try enabling collision by pressing the "c" key. See if anything unexpected is getting in the way. Some times re sized meshes and terrain may be causing problems like this.


            With collision toggled on I can't see any problems. Every larger piece of scaled terrain on the map edges I've removed the collision from.



              I didn't see BSP in your pics but it may be caused by BSP hole which can cause invisible walls anywhere in your level.

              Did you think of loading the level in UE & just fool around the spots where the pathnodes aren't linking to see if yourself will be block in some way ?

              I know there are another type of path nodes for vehicles so many of the regular ones I see in your pics can be replaced with that one, at least for the roads so it will reduce the number of the regular ones.



                If really nothing helps I suggest to make a backup/safety copy of your map and copy everything and paste it into an empty map file. Of course you'll have to redo your Kismet actions which will require some work. :/


                  Thanks again for the replies. I can walk around in the effected areas without a problem, so it doesn't seem to be a collision problem from BSP. In fact, the areas that have BSP are pathing better than the terrain (might try copy pasting the terrain).

                  I'll take your advice Sly if nothing works, I haven't done any major scripting (only turret tracks etc).




                    It's one of these rare situations when I'm completely out of ideas and don't know what you could do to solve this issue without copy-paste

                    ... hm...
                    You don't use one-way paths do you? Maybe you accidentally changed your paths to one-way paths (I doubt it but it's possible)?


                      Nope. No one-way paths.

                      I'll probably have to copy it over into another map file. That said, it may be tough. It's a pretty big map with many entities and some custom art. I'll see how it goes.


                        Make sure nothing is selected and then click on "invert selection" and everything should be selected then simply copy it, open a new map (of course additive again) and paste it. Btw, you can export your Kismet shemes and import them into your "new" mapfile. I guess it has been made so you don't have to completely redo it.


                          ^^Thats alot of work to fix pathnodes.

                          - ask yourself-
                          b) do bots really need to go to those places?

                          - if yes - try using health vials or pickups [something with priority]// defense points etc

                          if no- delete the pathnodes

                          *from the images
                          -collision is the problem with the trees and roots [like you already mentioned]

                          b) delete the pathnodes that have issues- they don't work, so you do not need them

                          - then-
                          *select adjacent pathnodes, or nearby pathnodes - and use ALT+ drag,
                          *keep them a bit closer than youu have at the moment
                          - if you really , really want your bots to go there; increase the skill level and put objectives in kismet, maybe even scripted bot volumes.

                          -- make sure you have
                          * world properties > map info > onslaught game info
                          * build translocator paths [this will cover jumps and hammers and hard to reach specs]