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[Meshes] Nobiax Static Meshes in .ase

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    [Meshes] Nobiax Static Meshes in .ase

    Nobiax's: Static Meshes Converted to ASE for UT3 / UDK

    by Achernar

    Original Author:Nobiax @ Deviantart

    I created this pack to give prominence to open source artist Nobiax. I converted meshes to .ase adding light mapping and collision support. This will help map makers who are not familiar with 3D Modeling packages make full use of his work. These Meshes are offered gratis under Creative Commons License V3

    Warning: These are ASE files only! Please visit the authors site to get texture maps. Links are provided below preview shots and in read me.htm

    I understand it would be easier to create an all in one pack, but I chose to direct interested parties to the authors site - where credit is due. This also reduces the size of this pack which would approximate hundreds of MB if all textures were included.

    Change Log:
    Pack updated to correct -
    Fern v2 mesh flickering issue (thx to Nobiax for providing a fix).
    Grass v3 have been scaled and had their origins centered.

    Instructions for use:
    1. Download texture maps - see preview shot or Read Me.htm for details
    2. Import both .ase and texture maps into the editor (conversion to .bmp or .tga may be required). Create corresponding Material with set up of your choice.
    3. Under the static mesh editor add the material you created to the mesh under LODinfo > [0] > Elements [0] > Material
    4. Under "LightMapCoordinateIndex" Change for 0 to 1 and "LightMapResolution" to 32

    The content of the pack include:

    Wood Barrels, Fuel Barrel, Fuel Can, Metal Barrel

    Pallet v2, Gaz Tank, Weapon Box, Ammo Box

    Plastic Explosive, Magnetic Bomb, Card Board Boxes, Grass v1

    Grass v2, Grass v3, Fern v2, Palm Plant

    Palm Tree, Parviflora, Tropical Plant 1, Tropical Plant 2

    Download: Nobiax ASE Pack v1.2

    Thanks for release; Nice post.

    -FYI- 50 % [foliage, Barrels ]of these mesh already exist for UT3; but the textures will save people time.

    *The Bomb/ plastic and cardboard looks really cool

    ** The download: i do not see any textures, only Jpg images that u have above [which are useless], but all mesh import Fine -

    - I know that u say this " Download UV texture maps - see Read Me.htm for detail on this": but tbh honest that's pointless, looks like your digging for credits & forcing people to go through a process of Pleasantries and introductions just to use an apparently open source content release.

    -WOT: is this yours - are u nobiax?

    Please upload the Textures otherwise this post is pretty pointless..

    - It is like saying "here is 32 GB of ASE custom Models; Custom textures all with normal/ spec ETC"-

    Do you like the picture??-- Do you want the 32 GB of stuff??: Then please contact me @ and say hello, maybe i will reply.. and have a big conversation with a computer scrn just to get the content: if you release something for people to use; it would be nice to not have this hassle.

    Still, nice looking Mesh though


      The intention of this release is to:
      1. Introduce the work of an open source artist Nobiax to UT3 mappers by converting and optimizing his meshes for use in UT3 engine.
      2. Pay respect to the original author, without which no such assets would be available.
      3. Make no assumptions about mappers knowledge and skill in the material editor.

      To TKBS I am not asking for credits, pleasantries or introductions. I understand you had some difficulties understanding what the jpeg were doing in the download. These are for the hyper text markup page (Read Me.htm) which had the assets images linked to the authors site, where you could obtain the textures. I understand this extra step is not appreciated by you but it pays respect to the original author, reduces the download size and does not treat you like a child with respect to material setup.

      I have added those links to the original post to prevent any further confusion.

      These meshes provide mappers with alternatives to stock assets. I would have thought this is a good thing for a game that is over three and a half years old.

      I don't regard this as a scam, as no interaction with the poster or author is needed and no benefit is gained personally or financially.

      You are free not to use this pack, if you understand this to be of no value to you.


        Many Thanks for changing the D/L: this will be more helpful to people who cannot make there own textures etc
        -[p.s. i will make my own anyway ]
        - and i always personally thank people if i use there stuff;
        - i have also always asked before releasing stuff and made the authors aware [whenever possible -]

        Thanks again


          What friendly words from you, TKBS oO

          PS: The content you "created" (the ASE files) are exported, right - let's say "-export -all". These files are under copyright of the original author Epic Games. You're not allowed to use these files anywhere else and you're not allowed share them.


            thx for ur efforts achernar, much appreciated...quite funny to read peeps reaction ... sometimes looking so arrogant"unfriendly" +.+


              Please read the license in the first post. Creative Commons V3. These meshes are not the property of Epic Games.

              Thanks for the support there, friend.


                @Achernar, is was referring to TKBS' post.

                Anyway, good meshes, Achernar.


                  'Arh' - gets it. Nicely worded. Defensive mode fades out...


                    and he was wrong about that aswel
                    lmao rattle recently u suck so much..

                    The content you "created" (the ASE files) are exported

                    - is this directed at me?-
                    i haev not show u or anyone else "what i have created"
                    rattle your post makes no sense [again]

                    - p.s over 15 gb of that is environments folder is work i have created. and has no affiliation to epic.

                    - bottom line- anyone who downloads these mesh- will now have the textures aswel ; because i pointed out how inconvenient it would be for people with no knowledge of making there own stuff.

                    so correct ur post and back off- 2nd time i've asked..


                      Whereever you post something, please be calm and do not overreact.

                      So, you kindly pointed out "how inconvenient" it would be by yelling at someone and saying his post is (if there won't be any changes) pointless. And in addition you were sarcastic by showing something you could share but won't. Let me ask something. Would have been easier just to ask if there were any links to the original textures instead of replying in a strange manner.

                      Anyway. You created 32 minus 15 GB by yourself, without the usage of a specific tool ... well done - could be redundant but who cares if you got the free space. I'm looking forward to see nice maps and content though.


                        @ Achernar
                        I added a link to this page on my Resources page and created a post as well on my site.

                        I haven't tried to use any of Nobiax's content in my map, but having them in the .ase file format will save some time, especially with the light map and collision support.

                        Thanks for taking the time to convert these for those who can't and it makes sense not to include the textures with your download.

                        Small suggestion: In your instruction on the forum, the term "UV texture maps" seems a bit misleading. I would get rid of the "UV" part as you are really only downloading the diffuse, emissive, specular, and normal maps)

                        @ TKBS

                        I would check your attitude a bit before posting in a thread like this. Achernar has taken the time to convert files for people who don't have the knowledge to do this.

                        He is also trying to help other members of the community (Nobiax) spread their hard work around. Let's help each other in the community instead of giving them such a hard time.


                          Thanks for stopping by this thread Odedge and showing your support.

                          Your very welcome.

                          Suggestion applied, cheers.

                          I am always encouraged when I see a person of such skill offering his hard work with such open terms. Seems only fair to support such an initiative.

                          I also noted that there is some interesting knowledge embedded in his models and UV maps too. Very useful for someone starting out learning 3D modeling.



                            I must say THX for making the meshes with adequate lightmap & collision support for UE

                            I tried to do the same few months ago without any luck (importing them in UDK to export them back in UT3).

                            I've check some of the meshes in UT3. The fern mesh is flickering (without even applied a material) so it seem to be a bug with rendering the mesh itself?

                            For the other meshes I've tried, after making the materials, they look fantastic ! Like the tropical plant mesh I use in Amissa :


                            THX a ton m8


                            Most meshes look 1000 times better than the stock one, if you don't see the difference, sadly, you need a new pair of shades, go see an optometric

                            Not to mention, new HQ free custom content is always welcome!

                            Don't be shy to also say THX to Nobiax at his homepage, he well deserve it if you're using his stuff that make your level look different / unique.


                              @steve: nice use...really looking good!

                              finally something that can be use to approach the unreal1 vegetals...imho