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    Material maker question

    So from what I can tell in the material maker, you need to have a texture sample where one is the basic blueprint of the material and the other is the texture normals for depth and detail.

    My question is how can you create a basic blueprint AND a normal to form a completely customized material?

    Are you using stock textures or custom textures?

    If you are using stock textures, you just need to assign them to a texture sample node and connect them.

    If you are using custom textures, you need to import them into the editor first. Keep in mind that textures for the normal channel look different visually.

    To create them, you will have use a graphics program (Photoshop/GIMP/etc). I use GIMP and it has a plug-in that allows you to convert textures into a normal map.


      Thanks for the reply.

      Now can you simply create the textures from scratch or would you need to use photos? I don't have the materials to use photos and I was wondering if you could do so through GIMP.

      (Also, are there any tutorials for using gimp to create textures to UE3? I'm currently in the learning stage at the moment )


        Check out my GIMP portal page. It has many links to tutorials that will help get you started.

        If you are going to create a custom texture, you can either do it from scratch or use existing textures. Or you can use a combination of the two.

        There are many sites that offer free source textures for you to use. Check out the "Resources" page on my site for links.

        You will have to edit them so they are the correct size for the editor. If you want the texture to tile, you will have to do some more work as well.


          can you create 'normal' in photoshop?

          - Never tried Gimp.

          CrazyBump will do the same stuff though, just plough as many textures as you can in 30 days then delete it.


            I believe you can create normal maps in photoshop, though you probably need a plug-in.


              i never thought to look for a plug-in, i just found this..

              - i have not used it yet, so if someone uses it before me- please provide feedback

              DOWNLOAD LINK


              - Whilst on the 'Material' subject; is there a free 3d texture wrapper??/ [2d image - 3d objects], i know about blender but it seems hard to learn for such a small request


                Originally posted by TKBS View Post
                - Whilst on the 'Material' subject; is there a free 3d texture wrapper??/ [2d image - 3d objects], i know about blender but it seems hard to learn for such a small request
                Do you mean to create a UV map so you can align a 2d texture to a 3d model? If so, then Blender is probably your best best for a free program.

                Keep in mind that the process itself isn't an automatic one and requires some skill/knowledge. Are you trying to create your own models or take existing ones and trying to create a texture for them?


                  Create my own>
                  my knowledge of UT3 editor has now led me outside of its domain.

                  I wanted a few custom Assets made. Only simple ones. i have had blender/python for years and never used it, i found a tutorial or 2 but they assume you have prior knowledge [which i don't]

                  p.s. the nvidia plugin works fine; but not aswel as CrazyBump or GIMP [not tried gimp]


                    If you create textures for BSP, they tend to be easier. You can make them for walls, ceiling, floors and maybe some basic trim.

                    For models, it's a bit more complex as the fewer textures you use per model, the more efficient they will be rendered.

                    To do this, you either need to create the texture first, then align the UV maps to it or create the UV maps first, then tweak the texture.

                    If you haven't checked out blender in the past year, you might want to relook at it. I played with a bit with version 2.49 and while I could make some basic models in get them in the game, the process/UI wasn't that "simple" or easy to understand.

                    The program has a major overhaul and it is much easier to understand. The current version is 2.57b, which works great and you use can use this .ase exporter, which also works well.

                    I am in the process of learning the basics and have made some "simple" models (walls, column, and stairs) to be used in my current map. Once you get the basics down (the UV mapping part is probably the hardest to understand), you can make some good models to spruce up your map.

                    As for the normal map creation, I presume the Photoshop and GIMP plug-ins are similar. I believe if you use a grey scale image, you can get better results.

                    Either of these process won't be as ideal as doing it in a 3d modeling program because there is no real depth to a 2d image. You can create normal maps in Blender as well.


                      blender sucks,
                      i cannot find one version that works for exporting ase files.

                      - changing he file path to find my script does not work, click export and ase is not in the list
                      - i tried 2.57

                      - i also tried the relevant addons and they do not show up on the list


                      ignore that-
                      what happens is i click export- and no file appears


                        I will ignore that "blender sucks".

                        Version 2.49 has an available exporter that works fine, but given that the program has been overhauled, I would learn 2.57.

                        Like I said, if you use 2.57b with the exporter I linked to, it will work fine. There are some steps/guidelines to follow. You can read a "tutorial" I created and watch the video that McCampagnini created.

                        Keep in mind it's not as simple as changing a .jpg file to a .bmp. You need to do certain things to the mesh in order it to export correctly, but it can be done as I have made multiple meshes with it.


                          sorry to offend- lol-

                          thanks for the link, i did the "lightmap" pack bit in your tutorial. I sent you a PM so this thread is not hijacked
                          - really appreciate the replies
                          - i totally cannot get an ase simple mesh to export, still does not work.
                          - new blender is alot easy to understand- nice layout etc.

                          - the only positive i have so far is i have learnt the blender buttons and hotkeys, oh- and can make crazy shapes.
                          * "dae" and "psk " work, but not "ase".

                          Many Thanks

                          p.s. @ "odedge"- some of your links are dead, only 1 or 2
                          p.s. @ "the watcher"
                          - i have a few texture packs made now if you would like them [sky, bricks, ground, glass, signs, egypt, wood, water, and weather is a 'wip']


                            Yes, please! Anything would be great to use. If I ever use them, you will be mentioned for support. Much appreciated

                            And Odedge, does GIMP come with the plug in to create normals? Or do you have to download one?


                              You have to download it. It's meant to work similar to the nvidia plug-in for Photoshop.