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Post vids/pics of your abandoned maps!

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    Post vids/pics of your abandoned maps!

    I know I've started maps and mods and never finished them. I'm pretty sure other people have too.

    So come on guys, lets see those projects that for whatever reason got forgotten and left to rot.


    Axon Flood.
    This was meant to be a remake of floodgate with axon vehicles. I wanted the place to look newer and less decayed. It however was taking me much longer than I first thought so I abandoned the map. I ended up making Floodgate Winter several months later instead.

    I've had too many mainly all BSP shells. This one atm is just sitting as a file on my drive. I do want to finish it eventually but I have other things going on.


    It had an awesome WIP hologram too


      Come on guys don't be shy, show us ya fails!

      Oh, here is why I never finished it. (and now I've lost the source files)

      Oh and hey my first map

      BSP was a complete off the grid mess.