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missing builder brush dimensions window

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    missing builder brush dimensions window

    Hi everyone. i am currently making a map for ut3, and the window to input the dimensions i want for the builder brush suddenly stopped working. when i right click on one of the types of geometry, the window doesn't appear.
    The last time it worked was the other day when i made a cylander with 60 sides. i think this messed it up, because players could run right through it. it was as if it was made out of sheets.
    Does anyone know what i have to do to get it back?

    This post is also in the troubleshooting & technology section of the forum, but i copied it here after a long time with no answers.

    Are you using multiple monitors? My first guess is that it could be in a spot you are not expecting it to be or hiding behind another window?

    On a side note, I don't think the settings would have messed it up. But using complex BSP is never a good idea. You can easily run into problems.