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Dead Bodies

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    Dead Bodies

    A simple thing that I just can't figure out...

    I want to add dead bodies to my map.
    I've got Skeletal Mesh actors in and I can animate them but I'm after some bodies that I can place around the map but I can't find any assets or kismet methods to achieve this.
    I'm not after gibs but the full models themselves.

    I've tried placing a skeletal mesh in the map, seelecting a physics asset and making a Kasset hoping, at map startup, that it would just fall to the floor and stay there but no go. When I tried that there appeared to be no collision so I was able to walk through the mesh(kasset).

    Does anyone know how to achieve this?

    2nd question, related to the first, is can I also achive this after animating a skeletal mesh.

    EDIT: Typical...I figure the first part out 5 minutes after posting.... eg.. I hadn't properly checked the collision component and also hadn't ticked bblockPawns and bwakeOnLevelStart.

    First part solved. Next it possible to animate a kasset skeletal mesh using the human animations?
    I got the animation working on a Skeletal Mesh, but when I swap that for the kasset version none of the animations play.