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Character - Ruby Rhod - Mad bloom!?

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    Character - Ruby Rhod - Mad bloom!?

    Hi guys,

    As you may be able to tell from the title i've made Ruby Rhod from The 5th Element for a university module.

    I'm after some help in that ut3 is massively over-blooming (probably not even a real word!) my mesh and is not letting it be softly lit instead as intended. Is there any way to tone it down a touch?

    Below you can see the problem im having. Its driving me up the wall so any help is appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!

    a screenshot of the characters material might help


      Material seems to be a bit too bright.

      From what i've seen so far, many games simply can't dispaly correctly a white sheet lit by midday sun, as everything immediatly "starts emmiting gamma", when post processing is on :/ ( it's just a rough example). You can manually reduce texture brightness with material editor. However, in different environement the given "sheet" then looks grey.

      Everybody is focused on polys/dynamics/shadows/blooms/DOFs... but we still don't have bright colors displayed as they are...