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    Mapping/Editing Tips?

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm currently learning UE3 from the collector's edition and wish to pursue a career in Level Design/Editing. I'm also learning a bit of blender, which is confusing atm :P.

    What I want to know is if there's any tips or tricks you can leave me on how to make an acceptable map. Forgive me if there's another post on here, as I am new.

    Thanks for the support

    Well, I know level designing more than Blender, but am learning Blender myself.

    Those videos are an excellent place to start, especially the set that covers building a small basic level.

    I would suggest to start small (size of level) and learn the basics (BSP/static meshes/lighting/AI pathing), then expand your knowledge from there.

    You will make mistakes, as we all do, and a smaller level will help you correct them, quicker than a bigger level. People also want to put all of this "stuff" in their map because it's cool, but they never get a good understanding on the basics of building a map.

    Keep in mind game play at all times. If a map look pretty, but isn't fun to play, then it won't be kept by many players.

    Doing an "inspired" remake is also a good idea for your first level because you can concentrate on learning how to build a map more than how to design one.

    In my signature, there is a link to a UT 3 tutorial list, which will help you find more tutorials. Also, from the main navigation menu (under Tutorials), you will find a page dedicated to Blender (which will be expanded as time goes on).


      Thanks for the advice. Very helpful tutorials.