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    Static mesh Editor

    Why don`t i have a collision menu to add collision to meshes in my static mesh editor???

    pls help


    @ *******- im surprised you have not followed my threads and mapping -

    *there is a collision stuff box in the editor view -- Use RIGHT CLICK on static mesh. lol
    *P.S be carefull with those meshes- mine did not load after saving-and i had no problems with adding collision,
    i had problems with re-defining the collision boxes.

    *This information provided by Nick G may help you, also if you give to a few hours i can have a discussion with you @ DoS forums.

    [info : Author: Nick G]

    if you would like to collide per-poly on your cave walls, you may first need to duplicate the mesh from epic's package to your map file package. You can do this by following SteveLois' tutorial: Once you have them in your package, uncheck all three of the property lines in the static mesh editor which say something like (simplelinecollision simpleboxcollision and the other one.) Now select all of the actors in you map which should reference you new copy of the mesh, and assign them to your new copy. You may also need to check a box in the collision section of the actors properties: collidecomplex. This will give collision which matches the visible.

    N.B. This should fix the upk loading error i had aswel


      Nice one thx buddy, see you in DOS


        You royally screwed me - really not happy.
        *You took Vctf facing worlds before i have even released it - without even considering or asking me why i was making such a silly map.
        *I am making VCTF-Facing worlds - a totally ****ty spam map purely for obtaining players on DoS server
        *im not making it for myself.- and im totally annoyed that you have done this.

        im like - dude wtf- you haven't even made it slightly vctf orientated+ it would have made sense to collaborate on this tiny project so that we could both save time and effort

        all i have now is an unreleased - great looking map=- built purely for people who vote shoebox - halls etc and no w i cannot do anything with the file

        big thanks for that!!!

        other than this map issue - you know that i have no quarms with you and think you are a good person