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Terrain layer applying wrong material

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    Terrain layer applying wrong material

    I am attempting to apply UN_Terrain.Grass.M_UN_Terrain_Grass_03_Leaves_Fall back to my terrain in a new layer by using Auto Create, however whenever I apply this material (or any other) it keeps applying a MossyRock material that was in a layer I have previous deleted.

    How on earth do I fix this? It is really really annoying me.

    Given the name, it looks like it's a "fall back" material which I know can't be used for BSP/Static Meshes and it makes sense it can't be used for terrain.

    To use this, you will have to copy all of the nodes in the material, create a new one, paste them into the new material and reconnect everything to match the original material.

    If you look at the original material and select the "preview node" (I think that's what it's called) and scroll down it's properties, there is a box that indicates the material is used as a fall back material.

    These are created when a player's video card can't handle the complexity of the original material and uses the other one, which is simpler to render.