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High to Low poly Method. Which is the better way?

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    High to Low poly Method. Which is the better way?

    I was wondering which method is the best way to make a high to low poly model in 3ds max 2011 64-bit?
    I want a method that is easy and least amount of time along with High quality model and texture.
    • Make a high poly model then duplicate the model and start deleting polygons (which is very time consuming to me) to create the low poly model and use xNormal to make a high poly normal map for the low poly?
    • Just make a mid-poly model and use Crazy Bump to make the diffuse texture create the normal map for the model?

    3ds Max 2011 have 2 new features which is painting the model and render material to uv layout.

    Well I think it depends on what you are trying to create, is it hard surfaces (usually objects /w metal panels or such) or organic models (trees, characters, etc...) ?

    if it is hard surface I would do the low poly version with the unwrap, then model the high poly by adding supporting edges to turbosmooth the result. After you would then go to xnormal to bake the normal and the occlusion maps to help texturing the lowpoly model.

    For organic I would model the high poly version first then the low poly based on the shape of the high poly version. And again through xnormal for the normal and occlusion maps for the texture process.

    Hope this helps


      Personally I'd use a highpoly model, then model a completely new lowpoly mesh over it. Kind of tracing around the highpoly version. This would be much quicker (and imo more fun) than welding/merging verts and deleting polygons one by one.

      I've never really done this though. But it is how I'd go about it if I was to get back into 3D modelling.


        I'd do it the same way as azurescorch. It's less time consuming than deleting the polygons. Also it sounds more entertaining than this monotonous polygon deletion.