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The tutorial of the really working WarpZone in UT3/UDK

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    The tutorial of the really working WarpZone in UT3/UDK

    This tutorial simply wants to explain whether to recreate the warpzone of unreal engine 2 in the actual unreal engine 3.
    Unfortunately the warpzone in UT2k4 were fundamentally a bug of the graphic engine.
    This has been removed by ut3 but the UTportal exist!

    The problems of the UT portal are two:
    -the material that composes portal is not 2-sided and this means that is can be directed in an only way;
    - UTPortal is fundamentally a one-way portal really for the problem of the orientation.


    To resolve the problem needs to distinguish the 2 situations that are verified in front of an UTPortal.
    We imagine a simple journey from A to B.

    With 2 portals in this position our eye perceives the illusion created by the portal while the run that we do crossing the portal brings us from the wrong side of the second portal.

    To resolve the problem is enough to create two couples separate of UTPortals:
    - the couple of portals that shows the optical effect;
    - the couple (hidden) that allows the correct transfer.

    Setting the second couple immediately before the first one, the character will cross the working (but hidden) portal seeing however the optical effect of the second portal (sets behind but visible because the real portal is invisible).


    Now the real tutorial!
    1) create a new subtractive level;

    2)create two rooms with these measures:X 1024, Y 512, Z 512. The result should resemble to this:

    3) from Browser choose “Actor classes” and to select “UTPortal” in this point of the hierarchy:

    4)position 4 UTPortals in the rooms and rotate them so these are positioned in this way:

    5)select all the Portals and in "Properties" modify PortalTeleporter - Texture Resolution X and Y to 2048

    6)select the portals 2 and 4 and in "Properties" check Display - Hidden

    7)improve the level adding Player Start and lights as in the image:

    8)Connect portals setting Sister Portal this way:
    Portal 1 to Portal 4
    Portal 4 to Portal 1
    Portal 2 to Portal 3
    Portal 3 to Portal 2


    I - add arsenal selecting UTWeaponLocker_Content from Actor classes;

    II - improve the functionality approaching portals so that the space among them is 1 unit as in figure:

    Now build the level et voilà!! Here is a perfect WarpZone!!!


    You can download the UDK map here

    P.S. This solution it's however tricky: the portal creates a 2048x2048 texture in realtime. It requires a lot of GPU calculation.
    So it's not advisable for low power pc.


    Many THX for this tutorial. I'll add it in my resources pages.



      Thanks bud, this will come in handy.


        well it woul come in handy if it didnt crash the editor!


          I used warpzone in UDK on a powerful computer it have not given me any crash problems


            ue3, just past minimum specs. is there not a more hardware friendly way of achieving this like in the unreal map radikus, or even prey.


              Yes please is there some way to do this? I'm trying to make a world map that wraps around, and portals are the next best thing to actually having that behavior. But I cannot get my portals big enough without crashing the editor


                Its totally fake.
                Whats in editor:

                And whats in game:

                What the moron put this **** into UT3 again?!!
                P.S. Screens are from DM-Radikus.


                  one question. Can projectiles go through them?


                    Originally posted by Net Lizzard View Post
                    Its totally fake.
                    I'm very disapponted from people who are not able to make a map and scream "fake" on forums.


                      Originally posted by Fartuess View Post
                      one question. Can projectiles go through them?
                      only physical projectiles like rockets.


                        Thank you for this. I thought I was going crazy. This thread sorted it out.

                        I don't care about optical illusions, etc. This portal setup is messed up and should be changed to work intuitively. One for each side that works the way you would expect.