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Editing Vehicles And Their Weapons?

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    Editing Vehicles And Their Weapons?

    Hey UT3 community, been a long time admire and player but been irked at the lack of knowledge on said thread question and such.

    So basically as an example of one thing I definitely want to do, is say take the Scorpion and replace its weird unfitting grenade launcher attack thingo and make it fire the Goliath Tanks machine gun turrets, machine gun attack.

    Id also like to swap out the Raptors plasma gun attack for the same machine gun and the same with the SPMAs shock lance turret.

    And finally also the same deal for the Hellbenders shock lance turret and for its big ion cannon turret at the back make it fire the powerful burst laser attack the Cicadas underbelly turret packs.

    But one at a time I guess Id like to start with the Scorpion.

    How would I best go about this?

    As unfortunately UT3 uses some annoying file formats you cant just open in Notepad and copy and paste a few stats around like I'm used to with modding tons of other games =P