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Opinions needed on a level trigger

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    Opinions needed on a level trigger

    Building a new level. It's not very big and is being designed for 4 players max.

    The design in of an underground bunker and I was thinking of adding a corner mounted platform / room only accesible using the anti-grav boots.

    To get the person out of that room without them choosing to, I was wondering about a trigger, activated by weapon fire which would remove the floor from the platform and cause you to fall back into the main part of the level.

    My question is, is that something players might like in a level? Or will it be annoying more than anything else?

    Opinions please.

    Or maybe have the trigger activate a teleporter which presumably, using Kismet the destination could be randomised.


      If it was a single player map and it was clear to the player they had to shoot the floor to get out of the room, then I wouldn't mind.

      For a multiplayer map, that might be a bit much. Plus, making the floor reappear might be a bit odd, since you had to destroy it the first time.

      A simple teleporter (UT style or a simple kismet sequence) would work as long as the player knew right away where they had to go.

      I would only use a random destination in certain circumstances (falling off a space level). If you go into a specific portal, you should end up in a specific place, so the player doesn't get confused.


        What I was thinking is that the platform will be a height advantage where you could, theoretically stay forever or at least until you ran out of ammo. With the random landing point, it just means it's not so much of an advantage because you could end up anywhere if someone shoots the target.

        Also, the floor wouldn't be destroyed, it would slide out of the level and back in after a certain amount of time.


          On the height advantage concept, that shouldn't give you complete advantage over the other players. There should be a way to counter that, even if it took longer to do (long route).

          In my experience with teleporters, making them as straight forwarded as possible is the best route to take.

          And for the floor, that would work. My concern is if it would work well enough with bots. Also, why couldn't the player just jump back down from the upper area?


            Odedge, I agree. That's why I thought about having a way to shoot out the floor and in such a position that you couldn't be seen doing it.

            There's no reason the player couldn't jump down. The upper level is for a height advantage but I won't be putting any of the bigger weaponry in the level so it's unlikely they'll stay for long anyway. Well, only until they run out of ammo.