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console command to spawn bots

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    console command to spawn bots

    What is the correct way to set up a console command to spawn bots?

    Technically you should not use console commands to spawn bots. It is best to use kismet and the actor factory. Using this you can spawn a specific type of bot (which as answers your other question).

    The settings for this should be something along the lines of:
    Factory >
    ControllerClass = UTBot
    PawnClass = UTPawn
    PawnName = (Enter the name of the bot in which you wish to spawn e.g. Othello)
    TeamIndex = (the team in which bot is assigned to)

    Remember that you need to have some point within the map in which you can spawn the bot. It is best to use a simple note actor to act as the spawn point, and then bind this to the factoryactor within kismet.

    Alternatively you can use the Add Named Bot action within kismet. This essentially does the same thing but is more limited. It is also pretty self explainatory.
    I hope this answers your question.


      Nope it just brings up the same old generic bot only now it says Othello or whatever name you enter under pawn name.