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Warfare Countdown Kismet - Need Help.

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    Warfare Countdown Kismet - Need Help.

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a hard time on getting this concept going in kismet.

    When the countdown node hits 0, the players of the team that did not capture this countdown node dies. As well, the countdown node becomes neutral and both teams are free to capture it again.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks =].

    Ok so, there's an update. I got it to work... but it also kills the instigator. How could I change it so it doesn't kill the instigator?



      I am more than willing to have a look at it. If you uploaded it to a website then PM me the link I could try to get it to work then send it back / describe in better detail what to do (alternatively send you a pic with it working).


        Syphix thanks for getting back to me, but my colleague and I just recently found a solution. I've uploaded an image for the community to use as reference.

        The main problem was figuring out how to determine who is on what team. I've searched the forums here and found out people used trigger volumes to filter out who's on what team. Problem was that there is a limit of how many players trigger the volume and there was also the case that it would select certain players to trigger the volume.

        Anyways the solution is... on player spawn, you check what team that player is on and put it within a list of objects. That way, the engine can use that list (instead of a trigger volume) to determine who to kill depending on their team number.


          That is pretty much exactly what I was going to do so good work. One thing I would say is that upon a players death you should remove them from the object list. This just eliminates errors occuring if a player is to switch teams.

          Only difference I was going to do was using the spawn points as the deciding factor for which obj list a player goes on, but this method works just as well and looks tidier lol.


            I'll definitely do the 'remove from object list'. Thanks and... problem solved =].