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Item Placement - Guides?

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    Item Placement - Guides?

    Anyone knows some guides related to item placement? (Armor/Health/Ammo/Weapons etc)

    It doesn't matter if it's not for UT. Quake-guides could be interesting to read also.

    I've read and some stuff at UDN, but i like to read some more detailed info about item placement.

    What do you mean exactly? Are you referring to the best places to place these items? If that's what you're after there is really no right or wrong answer. Depending on you're item placement it can change the gameplay or a level. For example having a powerful weapon on a higher ground gives the person who takes it an advantage over someone that may be bellow. Where then you can offset that by placing health down below. In my experience is all a situational design choice that changes depending on the level you're working with.


      I don't know of any others and I agree with apophis3d that there isn't a right or wrong answer. Having said that, here are a few guidelines that I tend to use when thinking about where to place stuff.

      1. Risk vs Reward: The more powerful a weapon/item, the more "risk" it should have. This could include having it on a thin walkways surrounded by lava. It could also mean it's in a dead end. Also, placing some items out of the way have the "downside" by taking more time to get them.

      2. Spread them out!: I like to place my weapons/powerups as evenly as I can to encourage players to go around the entire map. I also try to place the more powerful weapons as far apart from each other.

      3. One stop shopping is bad: This can involve having 2 of the same ammo right next to the matching weapon base (as Epic usually places in their maps). It can also mean having an area where you can pickup all of the ammo you will ever need. This is similar to the #2, but refers more to the smaller items.

      4. Best Weapon in the Worst Place: There are too general theories. Place a weapon in an area where it can be used to it's potential. Example: Flak canon in a tight hallway. The downfall to this through is that the players who are good with those weapons may tend to "camp" that area.

      The other is to do the reverse. Place a sniper gun at the very bottom of the level. I tend to like this theory as it balances the map out and encourages players to move about the map more.

      5. Bots are players too?: Being a player that plays 99.9% against bots, keep in mind how the bots will use the map with our weapon/item/power-ups. Do they use the entire map? If they do, it will make it more enjoyable for us offline players.



        I wrote this quite awhile back, but as previosly mentioned, every map layout calls for slightly different rules. I've found that the best item placement is the result of many iterations of a layout, with changes informed by a LOT of gameplay testing.


          Check out He's got a book all about lvl design. Dude knows his stuff. Has some free tutorials on his site, too.