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seeking education regarding custom vehicles..ish

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    seeking education regarding custom vehicles..ish

    Hello all! Before I begin, let me preface.

    My Unreal Script knowledge:
    I know where the Kismet button is

    My programming knowledge:
    Bash scripting

    My modelling knowledge:
    nil. zip. nada.

    So I am a quite the noob when it comes to unreal engine. I went through some tutorials on mapping once, but it was never really my can of peas. Now I have a friend who is good at mapping/modelling, and we are collaborating to create a mod for unreal. The idea of this is to learn by doing.

    Therefore, I am trying to find some tutorials more on the unrealscript side of things.

    My goal:
    to create a blimp (think spaceship) that can be both piloted and walked on. The eventual idea is to have steampunk-ish battles between blimps, with a team crewing each airship. For now, I just want to get to the point where I have created a custom actor that:
    a) people can walk on
    b) moves through the air in a circle or random path without waypoints or predefined animations (aka vehicle logic)

    Since this is a very early prototype, the mesh will be something basic and generic like a piece of walkway. If I can get these working then then next step will be to add player input.

    I've done some searching, but haven't really found a set of tutorials that would lead me to where I could achieve these goals. Maybe I haven't googled hard enough. Who knows. Do you guys have any ideas?