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Unable to change color of FogVolume?

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    No thats not how you do it. But instead of just typing out some huge long explanation that would just get confusing. Here is a link that should clear it up:

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  • started a topic Unable to change color of FogVolume?

    Unable to change color of FogVolume?

    I've used a regular fog volume without any problems. I tried a FogVolumeLinearHalfSpaceDensity and I noticed unlike with FogVolumeConstantDensityInfo where you can create a material and apply it to the model you chose ( to define the fog area) to give it color it does not have this option. Instead when you go to it's properties it allows you to set a ApproxFogLightColor.

    I guess my real question this feature even working? It does not appear to do so for me. The fog is still a default white/grey though I've changed it's colors in the settings to blue.