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Weapon UVW Map isnt working

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    Weapon UVW Map isnt working

    ok ok i followed GeoDav's (awesome) tuts, but in the first video his UVW Map is well, normal. but mine is messed up. look:



    This is i think a problem because earlier i made a better gun and when i go to import the materials, there are none.

    Ps. Ignore my crappy model, not spending ages on my first mod.

    Ok somehow now the Bones don't link ! I followed the tut and i linked them up correctly and name them correctly.

    I grouped the front part (The barrell-like thing) first. Then I grouped the body. Then i grouped them both together.

    When i group them, i highlight all the mesh (CTRL+A) and click on group. Am i suppose to group each part individually? (ie link the handle to the body, the body to the scope etc)..


      ok first you have to make the uvw map yourself, a quick (crappy) way to do it is to select all the faces then goto tools and click on pack uv's, this will unfold all the faces of your mesh.
      second please don't group anything, use the main body and attach all the other meshes to the main body then you can apply the skin modifier add the bones weight the vertexs and export, when you export just select the mesh and not the bones.

      hope this helps a little if not then just shout


        I have max 2011, and "Pack UV's" does not exist in the Tools bar. I ungrouped it all and clicked "Unwrap UVW's" but it still doesn't look too good.

        And after(if) this works, will i group it all again?


          Before someone replied, i looked around and found this site:

          It's a UV-Packer plug-in. Which does what I needed to. No need to stress yourself over my awesome mod.

          EDIT: Don;t want to give up, but it seems that way.
          I installed the UV-Packer from that site, but when i go to run it::


            looks like its for Max2010 and that it doesn't work for 2011.

            attach all your parts together, apply an uvwmap modifer, click on edit, in the uvw editor window select all the faces, then in the uvw editor window goto tools pack uvw, once this works you can collapase the stack apply a skin modifer add bones to the list ........