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UDK - Lighting problems!

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    UDK - Lighting problems!

    Hi, I recently converted a WIP UT3 level (I don't plan to actually use it in UT3, it's for a Uni project) into UDK so I could take advantage of the indirect lighting and ambient occlusion.

    However i'm coming across quite a few problems.

    Now, aside from actually turning on global illumination and ambient occlusion (setting the environment colour to sky blue), as well as fiddling with the emission radius of the two lights, i've barely touched this level after conversion.

    As you can see, despite there being a very bright light outside and global illumination turned on, the wall housing the window is still pitch black. The light coming through the window also seems incredibly blotchy (the lightmap settings for everything is 2 btw, so the shadows should come out clear).

    Also, the shadow coming from the fireplace is wrong. First of all, it's too soft and wide(in UE3, it was in the shape of the fireplace opening), and for some reason the gate at the front (alpha mapped using BLEND_Masked) isn't appearing in the shadow (it did in UE3).

    How can I fix these?

    wrong forum post in the udk forum