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[BSP Hole]Keep on checking when finally fixed?

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    [BSP Hole]Keep on checking when finally fixed?

    I'm making a CTF-map and suddenly there were 2 BSP Holes. (at the same positions in both flagrooms)

    I've fixed it with the Order->Last-method.
    But do i need to check the positions were those BSP Holes occured every time i do a rebuild?

    Or are the BSP Holes gone for good at the positions were i found and fixed them?

    Since i'm blocking out the map on a grid of 64 and no complicated brush designs and stuff, i don't know why the Holes showed up.
    Also there are no brushes overlapping each other.

    In my experience, once a BSP error has been fixed, it shouldn't come back again (unless you repeat the same mistakes).

    That being said, you may have had a opening in the BSP that looked out into the "void". This is slightly different compared to some BSP errors that create a hole where it shouldn't be.

    Not overlapping brushes is a good rule to follow. You also want to be sure that all brushes are snapped to the grid (even if it's to the 1x1 grid). If it it isn't, you shouldn't try to manually snap it to place. You should right click one of it's corners and it will snap to the nearest grid. From there, you can move it as needed.