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Skinning First Person Arms

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    Skinning First Person Arms

    Okay, I've got the first person arm rig from the UDN page and rigged my arm mesh to it using Skin in 3ds Max but none of the third finger bones (Pinyky3, Index3 etc) export when I put it through ActorX. Everything else is fine, apart from these ones. If I import it into Unreal it just doesn't use the bone at all.

    Any idea what is going on here?

    EDIT: After a good 2 hours of trying to solve this problem I decided to make a thread, then I reflect upon what I have written here and think "If it isn't using bones what happens if I untick "Cull unused dummies" in the ActorX settings". Lo and behold, it imports happily now. Is there any draw backs to unticking this?

    Also, the weighting is all over the shop. It's like they've got an IK system going on theirs but not in the file or something.

    EDIT2: Right, so they're all dummies, I did not know this, trying a different rigging approach.

    EDIT3: Ugh, Pretty sure it's working now. I thought the Finger3 bones were effectively nubs so I was placing them at the end of the fingers which I think was my problem as I just rigged one finger with absolutely no problems, I think I feel like an idiot for missing that. Well I hope this informative mess of a journey I've been on helps someone.