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shoot actor to play/stop music [solved]

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    shoot actor to play/stop music [solved]

    Hi !

    I'd like to play a sound when I shoot at something
    I searched the forum but can't get it to work..

    Here's what I do:

    Select one of my meshs (with collision) in the generic browser
    Right clic on the scene > Add Actor / Add InterpActor
    Select the Actor and open Kismet
    Right clic in Kismet > NewEventUsing InterpActor > Take Damage
    Set Damage type accordingly to the test weapon (FlakShard)
    Link TakeDamage output to PlaySound (previously tested and working)

    The InterpActor seems to remove the mesh collision,
    I guess this is why I can't damage the mesh (actor)...
    What's wrong ?

    Thanks for your lights !


    Damage amount 100? Do you know you must shoot it multiple times to activate the output if this is set? Also, Trigger count of 1 means you can only activate this once.

    In your map, you must also set the collision property on the actor to accept weapon collisions using collde_touchweapons or collide_touchall.


      Yep I have to shoot multiple times and the trigger should activate only once, or should I say at least once

      I can't find such options as collide_touchweapons or collide_touchall..
      I select the actor, then f4, then.. I think I went through all options..

      ///////// EDIT ////////////////////
      Yop ! I finally found these options.
      Seems to work.
      Experimenting !

      Thanks NickG



        I still have some problems with this "shoot trigger" but I'll come back to it later.

        Second problem, I use the "Play sound" function in kismet:
        I start an "ambient sound" with a "Level Startup" (the ambient sound is set to "not autoplay") and I try to stop it by linking a Touch trigger output to the Play sound's stop input. It dosen't work !
        I linked the Play sound's "stopped" output to an other Play sound and this sounds actually play. So my initial sound is stopped but it continue playing..
        Note: My sound Cue is in the "music" group.


        Any ideas ?



          I used an ambientSoundSimpleTogglable linked to the Toggle function in Kismet, in order to play/stop the sound, and it works pretty well.
          This actor reads wave files and not Cue's, so I can't set my sound to the desired group (Music group in my case). Is there a known way to bypass this issue ?

          Back to the shootable trigger...
          I set the Actor's collision type to Collide_BlockAllButWeapons. It works but only with rockets or Flak's grenades and I'd like it to work with Sniper, Stinger and all primary and secondary fires !
          In fact it works but strangely. The mesh looses its collision when placed as an InterpActor, so it cannot be triggered by a direct shot. It needs something close to it which can stop the blast and make it explode. I guess this is why it only works with rockets and Flak's secondary, these are explosing ammos.

          Any ideas on how to make this **** Actor really collide with weapons ?


            Originally posted by molosev View Post
            I set the Actor's collision type to Collide_BlockAllButWeapons.
            Ok ! COLLIDE_BlockAll seems to work ! Sorry