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Outside water

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  • Outside water

    Im trying to make a game like bioshock 2 and basically the effect im trying to get is one of being underwater but inside a structure.

    so what you would see here if the glass wasn't destroyed.

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    Well that's kinda silly, why would you want to have water indoors? UT3 is all about fast movement.


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      the water won't be indoors it'll be outside the glass, but the map is for a uni thing its going to be a single player level.

      that sort of effect


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        Given the setting in BioShock, they probably developed a special volume or something similar to get the effect. I would suggest looking at DM-OceanRelic, but I think it's basically using a water texture on the "dome" above the playing area.

        I think there are some "bubbles" in the game (emitter), so those can help. But the distortion effect might be the thing that sells the underwater look. While I don't know if it's possible, you might be able to achieve something similar with a post processing volume.

        But I am guessing to really achieve it would take some programming, but who knows.


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          I'm guessing they used an invisible distortion material (yes, they exist. Look in UT3's editor) and overlaid the glass texture over it. Not entirely sure.


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            also another question i've made a material and model i can place it on a static mesh fine but can't put it on an interp actor any ideas?


            • #7
              Why not build a post process volume surrounding the glass to give that blurred effect that you get when underwater in ut3.

              Unfortunately, the underwater effects in ut3 aren't as lush as the ones in bioshock, since it's a very minor part of the engine.


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                I've created the exact effect you're looking for just with the material editor -

                multiply two differently scaled and panning "wavy" normal map textures together and link that to your material's distortion - play around with that idea, should work


                • #9
                  get his texture from the post above then create a screen effect which activates when your in a water volume,, Simples