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*FIXED*disabling bots from activating touch trigger? (simulate light dist. culling)

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    Hey I know you said this was fixed and I looked through what you did and said and figured it out for my own kismet as well. However a few notes to cleanup what you have done.

    I did not need the Delay node at all. All that I needed was the Compare Node.

    The ??? Variable is an empty Variable that stores whatever is put into it. Any node with a little triangle instead of a square is an output instead of an input meaning it will spit out information that can be stored in the corresponding type of information, in this case an Object Variable.

    I used this fix to stop the bots from opening my shop window, I would be far away from the shop and a bot would run through the trigger volume and it would open and freeze the AI until I closed the shop manually. It was quite comical but frustrating.

    I couldn't get the Player Only Boolean to use projectiles by un-checking it, so I don't have a clue what that is there for. Hope this helps anyone else who comes across this, feel free to PM me to let me know if it does or if any of this sounds wrong.


      fudge its been awhile since ive done this so i cant recall how it compares to mine. The pic is very useful. I cant recall why i put delays in but i know that its good to put them in loops sometimes so the CPU isnt flat out running thru the loop all the time I beleive. Im certainly no kismet guru however, so its nice to see your adaptation and the screenshot is great. I prob should have included for peeps who stumbled onto this with similar issues. Maybe thats why this thread got rated a 1 lol. I dont know why anyone would even bother rating a troubleshooting thread.... lol