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UT3 Editor In-Game Feature Doesn't Function Properly

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    UT3 Editor In-Game Feature Doesn't Function Properly


    I'm known online as Slayer_2, I'm kinda new to mapping with the Unreal engine. I've made quite a few maps for Quake 2, 3 and 4 and messed around with the Fallout 3 GECK (really simple and powerful at the same time). However, since I'm considering game design as a possible job in a few years, I decided it was time I tried mapping with possibly the most popular game engine of all time.

    My problem is this: when I opened a map that came with the game, it worked 100% as expected, except when I tested the game, my weapons have no cross-hairs or hands/arms. The attached picture below should be able to show you what I mean.

    This isn't so terrible, but when I make a map from scratch, this happens (see picture below).

    I have no idea why this is happening, I've tried everything, moving the map to the "Published" folder and to the UT3 root directory. I've googled it with many different keywords, again no success there. I've also tried putting stuff into the map: weapons, 16 spawn points, a sky, everything I can think of. No luck. Does anybody have a solution for this rather annoying problem? I certainly don't want to be stuck with this current mode, as it makes testing a map about the same as simply viewing it through the camera.

    Some notes:

    -I didn't install UT3 to the standard C:/Program Files folder

    -I've looked at several internet tutorials and none mention this issue at all.

    -I've used the editor for Gears and it worked 100% normally.

    Save the map with the naming convention of <gametype>-<name>, DM-MyMap for example. You will still have no crosshairs, but you'll be using a player model to move around and not the smooth camera view.


      Ahhh, thank you! I had it saved as DM_Temple. But then you said try using DM-Temple and it works. Thanks again


        Yeah, does anyone know how to get the crosshairs back for the In-Editor game? It makes play-testing quite a bit more challenging now...


          You can't.

          Put a bluetack ball on your screen and be happy


            Well luckily I have a dead pixel right near the center of my screen. Never though it would become helpful :P


              Aw, dang. Haha, well, sticking something on the screen is actually not a half bad idea ... I just might do that...