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3DS Max animations into UE3?

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    Did you rename the biped skel bones? They have a prefix of "bip" instead of "b". If you haven't renamed them, save the biped separately from the Human male skeleton then rename the bone name prefixes to "b". Otherwise in UE you will have animations using bones named "bip" with a mesh that uses bones named "b", which means you won't see anything move.

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    3DS Max animations into UE3?

    Okay, so here's the deal. I have a few animations in 3DS max set up. Used the Human Male biped, and did two simple half-body animations. I digested the animations, saved them, and imported the .PSA into UE3. However, when I try to view the animations using the default ImortMesh_Human_Male, nothing happens. The slider moves for what seems to be the correct amount of time, but the model does nothing.

    Is there something I could have missed?