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Custom sound tools for PS3 mod authors released!

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    Here is alternate download, since main one is broke.


      Cool, THX dude


        Hey guys, I got the 'ATRAC3 conversion failed' cooking issue as well. Is there a solution for this?


          Here is how you fix this LOL. Yeah I know the PS3 version of UT3 is not working online anymore. Waiting for a patch??? Guys???? Just to give you a motivation I release Best Of Unreal for PS3 today
          I bought a PS3 this summer and wow! Great exclusive games on that console. A xbox 360 last week (to play Forza titles) after a real deception with the xBox One (great controller and OS but what else?) .
          Ok here is how you solve all the problems with these tools. You need the dam msvcr71.dll in the .../Unreal tournament 3/Binairies/PS3 folder. Search for this file on your computer and COPY the 345k version in that folder first.
          VERY IMPORTANT THING (all is important but...): you need to run Unreal Frontend as an administrator (right click icon trick) if you don't do that the app is NOT able to generate the file and you gonna lose big time because the app don't give you any message if it is missing and you have 2 xxx file for a mutator. You have a red message the first time you do a Full recook. After that nothing.......
          NExt thing nobody talk about. You need to copy your .upk package used by your mutator in the folder where your .xxx .ini and .tfc files are. (folder with the mutator name created by the tool in your ../my Games/unreal tournament 3/UTGames/Mods/PS3 location in My Games from My document of course).
          In the PS3-UTGame.ini at the same location. You need to change the package name and not the mutator class name since now it is wrote in the xxx file. If you have the wrong mutator class name or don't remember it and it is absolutly normal You can open you mutator .u file to see what is the class name. Don't be stupid like many and start to change your mutator name in the script to have the exact same name you have in the auto generated ini LOL. Just cook your mutator again with Unreal Front end PAckage name in the Maps: input text and when then remove all file except the .ini in the folder with the mutator name created by the tool in your ../my Games/unreal tournament 3/UTGames/Mods/PS3 location in My Games from My document of course). Click the cook button again with Full recook NOT checked this time. Enter your REAL mutator class name when prompted for mutator name. Look in your PS3-UTGame.ini if everything is OK with the package name and mutator class name. You can change the description and FriendlyName later when you have tested everything and Cook again. CHoose the path of your usb key when prompted or elsewhere and copy USERDATA.JAM in your USB after if the size seems OK. 33k file is a fail. The size of the package is bigger than all your custom PC version packages required to run the mutator.
          Also very important .. before importing your mutator in the PS3 UT3 community menu. Remove the last version you imported (uninstall option) because the INI is NOT replaced LOL...figure...

          Well another thing... If you change the mutator name another folder is created with this name. Don't use or edit the file in the old one since it is now useless. my 2 cents.