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    Custom Turrets

    Hey guys im making a map for our mod, and i noticed the basic turrets that come with ut3 dont really fit into the theme/style of our mod.

    So im out to create some custom warhammer 40 000 turrets.

    Now ive got 3ds max, and know how to texture, but i need to know how i would go about making a turret in 3ds max. I can model it, but i need to know the stuff like where to put bones, how to export it, will i have to animate it?

    You know, the sorta stuff like that.

    thanks for your time,

    I actually was JUST about to make a mod like this, but it's kinda falling through.

    As someone new to this stuff like me, i think your best is to make a turret that looks like it could be firing in any direction, like maybe it has lots of gun barrels at the top, and have it rotate in a 360 arc with some muzzle flares. Just make some interp actors for the turret and put a trigger volume around it.

    Put a trigger that causes all this action and sound to go off when someone gets near the turret, and just put an AE damage on the thing.

    Easiest solution i could think of. Of course anything's possible, but this is your most realistic chance of getting this working in my opinion.

    It's often times best to do what works, make that as fun as possible than to be very rigid in your plans.

    Best of luck !


      Hmm i think you might have misunderstood me crazyfingers. Im out to make turrets which are able to be operated by players, such as the shock turret already in the game. (And by turrets i dont mean vehicle turrets either)


        ohh, good luck with that dude. Honestly for where you're at, it's probably not worth the effort and you might spend a lot of time getting nothing but a headache.

        You COULD try attaching new stuff to the old turret, to make it look more Warhammer 40kish.


          Originally posted by crazyfingers View Post
          You COULD try attaching new stuff to the old turret, to make it look more Warhammer 40kish.
          That intrigued me. How would i go about doing this? I thought it was impossible to edit Epic content already in the game.


            Anyone know how i can attach new stuff to the turret? Or if it is possible?


              Have you talked to geodav? He wrote a vehicle tutorial (turrets are vehicles) that tells you everything you need to get started and he already made a ton of W40K stuff.

              What kind of turret are you looking to build?


                Lol ok ill talk to geo. Im probably gonna build an imperial guard turret, as he's only got SM, chaos and eldar turrets.