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Rotating animation translates my skeleton mesh

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    Rotating animation translates my skeleton mesh

    Hello all!

    I am building a custom weapon and animation with Blender using PSK/PSA export.

    It works great, I have a animated gun, except that the recoil animation is just meant to rotate it around the grip.
    The anim is totally OK - I can play it in Blender and it's fine.

    But while playing the animation in UT3, I can see a strange behaviour:
    1. The gun teleports itself a meter far from the rotation center (instantly)
    2. The recoil rotation is played, around the same rot. center (normal animation time)
    3. The gun goes back softly (not instantly) in its place (49% to 51% time)
    4. The recoil rotation is played again (!) in a normal way (normal animation time)

    I wonder what's wrong here?
    I really have the animations played two times - the first time with a curious position offset.