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Matinee: SkeletalMesh actor to a rigid body..

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    Matinee: SkeletalMesh actor to a rigid body..

    Hi guys, I wanted to pick peoples' brains about this because I've had little luck with it so far..

    I'm creating a matinee sequence and I've hit a bit of a roadblock. I've got a SkeletalMeshActor using the Krall model and the idea is that it runs forward for a bit then gets blasted backwards. I set all this up in the matinee and it works fine so far as regards the animation. Seeing as there aren't any generic death animations for the animset, I triggered a SetPhysics action in Kismet to set the mesh's physics to PHYS_RigidBody.

    Now this bit works fine, the mesh visibly collapses, but from there I can't seem to find any way to manipulate it further, and it just thrashes around on the ground uselessly. So far I've tried triggering a Cause Radial Damage action which I've used successfully for some KAsset actors to make them fly away from a certain point, and that didn't work. I've also tried placing an RB_RadialImpulseActor where the mesh is when the event occurs then triggering it through Kismet, and that hasn't worked well either.

    When both of these are triggered together however, the mesh does move, but it flies way too far back (basically until it collides with something) and it really doesn't look very convincing, it just seems to be dragged hard along the ground and then pinned to a certain spot before thrashing around again. What I'm trying to achieve is the mesh flying up and away slightly as if "thrown" by an explosion. I know it's possible to some extent through the use of KAssets, but I really want there to be a transition between an animated mesh and then its ragdoll, much like in the actual game itself.

    If anyone has any ideas/suggestions on how to get a better result it'd be much appreciated!