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Heal volume

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  • Heal volume

    Hey all

    Im asking this on behalve of a fellow clan member

    so here goes how do you create a heal volume (think heal pod or Ocean Relic) can it be done without the aid of kismet or does you need to use it ,either way how would this be accomplished

    Any help much appreciated

  • #2
    You have to use kismet. Really easy though. Just create a trigger volume. Select the trigger volume and open up kismet.

    Right-Click> New Event Using Trigger_Volume_#>Touch

    Right-Click> New Action>Actor>Heal Damage (UT)

    Under the Heal Damage Properties. Damage Type> StingerShard
    Make the amount whatever you like

    Right-Click>New Variable>Object>Object (Should be "???")

    Connect these and your done.


    • #3
      It didnt work what do we need to connect to what please ?


      • #4
        Just set a kill volume to have a negative value.
        (right click, properties)
        That is how you do it.


        • #5
          Doesn't creating a kill volume with negative values put your health above 100%??

          Event>Touch connect to Heal Damage>In

          Object Variable connect to Event Instigator, Heal Damage Target as well as Instigator. So that the object variable has 3 wires going into it.


          • #6
            Ok got that going now how do we make it repeat till your health is full the way we have it set up now only allows one health gain at a time we want it to constantly go up whilst the player is within the volume


            • #7
              Just set the heal amount to 100.


              • #8
                never mind we figured it out thanks for your help guys