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size map ???

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    size map ???

    hello my friends , my question is , about the size of map , :

    I have a map, that 99% of its content is modified, new textures , of various resolutions(256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 )
    all this within the current map, which left the map with 99Mb, obs: and not yet published this, my question is :....

    would be better to leave like this, or anything within the map????
    create new package , with all the textures???

    or after the publication of this size 99Mb will be reduced ?

    thanks for atention
    see yeah

    It's always, ALWAYS better to keep everything in one package when possible. That way there won't be any problems with missing packages on servers and things like that.

    When publishing the size is greatly reduced. It should be far smaller. If not, there are things you can do to reduce the size of the file, like reducing lightmaps, using lightmaps instead of vertex lighting on meshes when possible, and reducing the number of total meshes you have wherever possible. Great tutorial that covers all aspects of map optimization here:

    Just try publishing it to see what the file size is. You can always delete that file and publish it again after tweaking if you need to.


      The source assets aren't optimized and it's very easy to reach the 1GB or more. The build process optimizes them so their sizes will be reduced.

      If you have a lot of custom content, the most comfortable would be to keep it in one or more upk packages. At the end, when your project is complete and before the final build move all these assets into a single ut3.

      Keeping everything within a single ut3 all the time is fine it you create maps based on Epic's assets only, otherwise it's a pain.

      Disadvantages of ut3 over upks (during development):

      - all currently unused assets are automatically removed upon each save - during development time you usually have a lot of unused content.
      - drastically increases the file size make each new save/autosave to take longer.


        thanks bclagge, thanks mslaf,

        i have to go final , on my map , this is no Ultimately I think not missing much, I think, I will continue keeping all content within the modified map, the hope that the end is in 70Mb or 80Mb, which weighed much on this map was the textures, occupy a large space, Meshes are the most custom, plus they do not occupy much space I import from 3dmax 2009 to UE3,the sounds of the map are only 2 custom and were copied from other packages (GOW_content),

        thanks brothers