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Problems with Kismet (probably simple).

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    I think I can set that bit up, but I can't find the event for 'kills' anywhere. All the ones that are there dont seem to do what I want.


      This is the best method I have found as yet:

      This uses Take Damage instead of Death because the instigator of TakeDamage is the player or bot which caused the damage (The instigator of Death is the player or bot which has died.) Uncheck bPlayersOnly in Player Spawned to ensure that the Take Damage will be triggered when a bot has taken damage. The Take Damage event will then fire off each time the player or bot damages another pawn. Nothing wrong with that except, as-is, while spree=5 for a particular player or bot, that player or bot can trigger the outcome multiple times by causing damage which does not result in death, does not set spree=6. The remedy to this can vary in simplicity depending on the type of event you are trying to trigger (timed, player specific, etc.)