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Attaching a pickup to a mover

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  • Attaching a pickup to a mover

    Hi all.

    I'm trying to place a pickup (like a health keg or whatever) on a mover. I can't seem to get the pickup to move when the mover... moves.

    Any ideas?

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    I'm not sure if you can attach a health keg to a mover, but I know you can with the powerups.

    In the powerup's properties go to the "Attachment" attribute. Put the mover who's ID is what you want it sticked too where it says "Base". Check off "bHardAttach".

    There you go, that should do it.


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      I'm confident Void has already tried that. Void, Empty and Oldie had this problem on Skyscraper. They were trying to attach a Deemer to the crane. I believe they were not able to do it before the map was completed, and so just had the Deemer pop in and out of existence when the crane reached full deployment. I do think though, that a solution was found by Snarf. Snarf isn't really around anymore, but if you ask Empty or Oldie, I bet you can track down the solution to your problem.


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        Oookay then..


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          Holy crap, no that actually worked. I had forgotten all about the base/hard attach thing.

          Thanks Jagnot. And thanks Brett. I'll keep an eye on the effect to make sure there are no weird side effects, but it all seems gravy for right now!

          EDIT: Nevermind. That seems to work until I cook it, and then the Base property goes back to "none"

          EDIT2: Alternatively, is there a way to not have the powerup show up for the first, say, five minutes, and then pop into (and stay in) existence?


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            Open up Skyscraper and look at how they did it. It may be as simple as a five minute delay and a Toggle.


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              Nah, no help. In Skyscraper, it is invisible until the pickup spawns, and then it shows up. There's a Pickup Status Change event in Kismet for that. When it's available, they have it show up.

              What I want is the pickup not to be there (seen or pickup-able) for the first five minutes or whatever. They can beam down from the sky (hence the original question), or just appear, doesn't matter. But I'm not sure how to do either one.

              With the Toggle Hidden action, I can make the pickups invisible, but if you run over them, you still pick them up. The straight Toggle action doesn't seem to have any effect.


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                Try change collision with toggle hidden.


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                  That worked! I mean, so far. lol
                  But still. Thanks! I'll post back in here if I find a way to break it. XD


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                    No problem. It is always fun to know more about mapping than a person who started a year before you


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                      Originally posted by Superking17 View Post
                      Try change collision with toggle hidden.
                      Very clever! Well played sir.


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                        They did this in VCTF-Rails in the official maps...on the boat in the middle, just check that out


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                          Superking, I knew I liked you for a reason! ha