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*New* Custom Materials Package for the community!

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    You need to paint the masks over color images to get the correct normal maps, specular maps and parallax maps. Pasting images into crazybump and waiting till it does it for you - won't work. It won't work with any other software in that matter, because the software cannot recognize, if for example, color value 100 is a cavity or convexity. Painting is the most time consuming process and in many cases requires a tablet. I've made about 500 image based textures during last few weeks and 3/4 of this time took me to paint the bumpmaps.

    Example - source diffuse texture from

    Crazybump/UE3 from diffuse map

    Crazybump/UE3 from painted bumpmap


    1) Diffuse map:

    2) Paint the bump (or the cavity/convexity) mask over diffuse map:

    3) Blend the mask with diffuse map to get the bump map that has large and fine details:

    4) Generate normal map and enhance it in CB:

    Such painted masks can be used for parallax maps, specular masks and blending masks, so the time spent on the painting process won't be totally lost.

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  • started a topic *New* Custom Materials Package for the community!

    *New* Custom Materials Package for the community!

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    A3D_OldTown was practice with creating detailed shaders for UT3. Just as a side note when using the textures. I have included a decent range of materials did not want to make the package to huge its already 64mb. However I have a few variations of brick, concrete and wood. The wood and concrete both come with a wet material and a wet material with rain effect. I also took the time to do some decent commenting on some of the more advanced ones. I feel its important to share these sorts of things with new comers to the mod community.

    * IMPORTANT * After you open them up in UnrealED, be sure to duplicate the material and rename its package to that of you're level. For example if you're level is named DM_FragCity put that as you're package name when you duplicate my materials. Otherwise you have to include the whole A3D_OldTown.upk with you're map. Also you can not have custom packages if cooked for the PS3. It requires all custom materials to be embeded in the map. If you have any questions or are confused on how to do this feel free to contact me here on the forums or send me a support ticket and I will get back to you.