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Understanding UIScenes in UE3

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    Understanding UIScenes in UE3

    I've been learning a bit about the UI scenes lately. I am able to get buttons and events working. I only have one problem, and it's annoying the **** out of me.

    Can anyone tell me how you can keep content in place during resolution changes? I'm not referring to docking, but how they got most of their windows perfectly middle-centered. Like here, barely any docking at all..


    Yeah this from Gears, I'm sure it works the same with UT3. As it did with Roboblitz back then.

    Okay good news. I figured it out

    I'll post this in case someone got here from google, could be useful.

    All their positioning are set to EVALPOS_Percentage_Owner. So everything is scaled in Function of that. If the user runs on widescreen resolution you'll want him to have the image maintain it's ratio. To do that you can go to Presentation -> Position -> Aspect ratio mode

    I set mine to height. Then you can dock the buttons underneath so they don't overlap with the picture.