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Custom character on Krall skele help

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    Custom character on Krall skele help

    Hello everyone, I'm currently making a custom character for a small mod I'm working on, but I'm having trouble importing him properly into UED from 3ds Max 2009

    The main problem I'm having is with the two skeletons in epic's basic Krall skeleton, the biped and the normal UT3 bones. I have found it will only let me export the model if I delete the biped, but when I do this destroys the refpose of the other bones, and makes my mesh all wierd.

    with Biped on left, without on right

    Does anyone know a way I can bake the position of the biped onto the other bones or something like that so they wont move when I delete the biped

    Or maybe I'm doing it all wrong, either way any help would b greatly appreciated

    check your export options of the actorx, make sure you have ticked the box cull unused dummies, all mentioned in my written/video tutorials


      Yeah i have that ticked, and I've been following ur tutorials (Which are awesome by the way, thanks heaps).

      When i try to export from actor X with the biped still there, I get "2400 unmatched node ID" error, it still writes the .psk but UT3 crashes when i try to import it.

      I'm using a physique modifier to rig, and its only a single mesh because it's only an npc for a mod i'm working on, but apart from that I've followed ur tutes very closely.

      I assume the unmatched node errors have something 2 do with the biped coz it works fine without it, or am i doing something else wrong?


        don't use physique use the skin modifer, i know it takes some time to get used to but it works best for UT3, yes the biped+physique worked great for UT2004 but you need to move to the skin modifer, that error is caused by physique+biped as actorx still can see the biped+physique link


          Nope, still no good unfortunately, retried with the skin modifier (Definately better than physique), but I still get the unmatched node id error.

          I don't get the error if i remove the biped from the scene, which i would do if it was the male skele but with the krall skele it destroys the refpose.

          I thought maybe it might be getting the physique information still even though i deleted it, so I went back to a much earlier version of the model and skinned it then, but it still didn't help.

          Think i might just have to redo him on the male skele, see how that goes


            OK Took a break and went back to an even earlier version and this one seems to work now. The physique modifier was the problem, even when I deleted it.

            Thanks heaps Geodav, for the tutorials and for the help, I'll post some stuff about my mod soon