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    Toggle Weapons

    I'm trying to toggle weapons rather than simply spawn or despawn. I figured out how to destroy a given weapon factory, how to spawn X amount of weapons, but I can't figure out how to simply switch them from if ON to OFF and if OFF to ON. I tried a roundabout way by attempting to toggle hide of the weapon factory but that didn't provide any solution.

    I tried
    TriggerVolume > Toggle (pointing to a weapon)
    TriggerVolume > Toggle Hidden (pointing to a weapon)
    TriggerVolume > ActoryFactory (in via Toggle)

    I'm kind of new so I appolgize if this is a silly question, just haven't found anything similar and it seems apparent that they should be able to toggle (as inferred in kismet) but I can't... so its frustrating!!

    Thanks in advance.

    im not sure if you can get the spawn X weapons, because that would only work with weaponstay off. maybe it still work clientside as weaponstay is off clientside by default since patch 2.0

    i never tried to toggle a weapon before, but if none of the toggles works you could try using a matinee (or maybe teleport, dont know if that works) to move it out of the play area.