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    custom character\custom materials

    hey everybody, im kinda stumped on one of my custom charcters, ive had this character working using epics materials, but i want my own cell shader on it.
    as far as i know to do this reqiures making a custom family , i have done this already, i have a custom faction and custom family set up and my character works fine except for the materials. when i get in the game she looks fine, the material works, everything is all good, but when i get into a map, she glows bright red like rudolph the reighndeers nose!
    i know i have to set my materials in my utfamilyinfo file before i compile it ,which i have done, i have made my material and made a mic using the original material as the parent, but i get problems, when i compile my script i get the following warnings

    i know im using the same material for the biorifle death thing, but i dont think that should cause any real problems

    anyways after ignoring the warnings and moving the newly craeted script to the right folder, i start the game and go into character selection screen

    she's ugly but she's workin.....but in game she looks like this!

    i dont think it has any thing to do with uv regions ,as i said earlier she works using epics materials no prob, i think i should also mention i some how got the materials to work on the body the other day, but not the head, but i buggerd that up anyways cause i still got warnings and now she's back to all red

    and just for a little more info i have a shot of my materials and thier names

    and a copy of my utfamilyinfo:

    class UTFamilyInfo_Sic_Creations extends UTFamilyInfo_TwinSouls

    ArmMeshName="CH_TwinSouls_Arms.Mesh.SK_CH_TwinSoul s_Arms_MaleA_1P"
    RedArmSkinName="CH_TwinSouls_Arms.Materials.MI_CH_ TwinSouls_MFirstPersonArm_VRed"
    BlueArmSkinName="CH_TwinSouls_Arms.Materials.MI_CH _TwinSouls_MFirstPersonArm_VBlue"
    PhysAsset=PhysicsAsset'CH_AnimHuman.Mesh.SK_CH_Bas eFemale_Physics'
    AnimSets(0)=AnimSet'CH_AnimHuman.Anims.K_AnimHuman _BaseMale'
    SoundGroupClass=Class'UTGame.UTPawnSoundGroup_Huma nFemale'
    BaseMICParent=MaterialInstanceConstant'CH_FRAGGIRL .Materials.M_CELL'
    BioDeathMICParent=MaterialInstanceConstant'CH_FRAG GIRL.Materials.M_CELL'
    MasterSkeleton=SkeletalMesh'CH_All.Mesh.SK_Master_ Skeleton_Human_Female'
    ObjectArchetype=UTFamilyInfo_TwinSouls'UTGame.Defa ult__UTFamilyInfo_TwinSouls'

    any help i can get would be awsome,, ive searched the hell out of every tutorial and fourum i can find, but there isint much talk of cutom materials for characters ....i need this character done so i can get back to workin on my velociraptor.....i hate not finnishing stuff.... thanx

    p.s. the reason for the white halo on my base material is because i have a black placeholder texture in my normal map slot

    Hop on over to and register on the forums, the solution to this cell shade material issue is posted there.

    Hope this helps


      #3 already registered ......didnt event think of that site yet.......thanx mandinga


        ok so i look on the evil engine forums but the most helpfull info i could find was this:

        "In order to use a custom shader on a character in game, you must set the "BaseMICParent=" default property in your character's FamilyInfo class, did you do that?

        hhhmmmm yes i did do that.....but i get warings when i compile my script, and my character is red in game.....
        im pretty sure my problem has something to do with my material names or family info file......i just cant wrap my brain around far as i can see ive got things named right......


          unfortunatly im still stumped...i was able to compile my script without any errors or warnings by putting a copy of my character in the published and unpublished folders, but when i get in game my character is still all completely confused ...if my materials arent working shouldn't it still give me warnings when compiling or something? just lost


            when you compile it's just checking that all the bits are of the correct type.

            check your launch.log for errors


              i finaly got it to work! sucked though.....i rebuilt my utfamilyinfo file about 100 times over the last 3 days!....and im not joking....i dont know what i chaged to make it work but it works! thanx