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Change Texture Scale on Static Meshes

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    Change Texture Scale on Static Meshes

    Hi guys,

    i am new on mapping, i learned a few things from apophis3d and hourences ^^

    ok, but my question is how can i change the Texture Scale on my mountain static mesh?

    ...sorry for my bad english i hope you understood me hehe ^^


    If it's your own material then you can open up the material and change the texture coordinates. If its one of epics then you'll have to copy it over, if you save over the original you won't be able to open the editor.


      A bit more detail

      follow this tutorial
      to copy over the epic material (I'm assuming this isn't your own)

      Open the material, add a new "TexCoord" and connect it to the diffuse texture. Then change the U and V of the TexCoord to scale it. Alternatively, if it is a simple texture, you can make your own material and reference the textures in Epic's packages and use TexCoord from there.


        You will need to copy the material in your map package & adjust the 'TexCoord' as others as mention. As Tidu mention, follow my tutorial to copy the material so you will be able to do whatever you want after


          yeah it works ^^

          thx all