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Exporting a simple mesh from Maya to UE3

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    Exporting a simple mesh from Maya to UE3

    I’m finding it stupidly difficult to export a simple cube from Maya into UE3.
    I have Maya 2008.
    I have installed the actorX plug-in which is supposed to convert the Maya file into something useable by UE3.
    I have the ASEtoT3D conversion tool.

    So, I have created a simple cube and given it a texture in Maya. I have given it a root bone ( I assume this bone is just the same as any other but it’s the first and key bone when using animations). Having selected both the bone and cube I go to the option “skin > bind skin > Bind smooth” as this was necessary to avoid an error when converting the file.

    Then I realised “axmain” wasn’t the only command usable in actorX and tried “unreal export” (at this point I thought I’d cracked it) … and nothing. Then I found the “axmesh” command which can export the file into .ase format. Wonderful!

    Then I try to use the ASEtoT3D conversion tool (to convert into the unreal format), I select the file to be converted and tell it where to send the new file. I press convert and I get the error “anomalous error,” in other words what I have done is so ridiculously wrong that it cant give me a more specific answer!?

    Please help! All I want to do is import a simple textured mesh into unreal! Thank you for reading this far!

    You can't import the texture and the mesh at the same time. You have to import the mesh, then the texture and then assign the texture/material to the mesh in the editor using the static mesh editor.

    Just import the mesh as .ase and the texture file as whatever you like (ue 3 imports many different formats)