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Exporting a simple mesh from Maya to UE3

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    You can't import the texture and the mesh at the same time. You have to import the mesh, then the texture and then assign the texture/material to the mesh in the editor using the static mesh editor.

    Just import the mesh as .ase and the texture file as whatever you like (ue 3 imports many different formats)

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  • started a topic Exporting a simple mesh from Maya to UE3

    Exporting a simple mesh from Maya to UE3

    I’m finding it stupidly difficult to export a simple cube from Maya into UE3.
    I have Maya 2008.
    I have installed the actorX plug-in which is supposed to convert the Maya file into something useable by UE3.
    I have the ASEtoT3D conversion tool.

    So, I have created a simple cube and given it a texture in Maya. I have given it a root bone ( I assume this bone is just the same as any other but it’s the first and key bone when using animations). Having selected both the bone and cube I go to the option “skin > bind skin > Bind smooth” as this was necessary to avoid an error when converting the file.

    Then I realised “axmain” wasn’t the only command usable in actorX and tried “unreal export” (at this point I thought I’d cracked it) … and nothing. Then I found the “axmesh” command which can export the file into .ase format. Wonderful!

    Then I try to use the ASEtoT3D conversion tool (to convert into the unreal format), I select the file to be converted and tell it where to send the new file. I press convert and I get the error “anomalous error,” in other words what I have done is so ridiculously wrong that it cant give me a more specific answer!?

    Please help! All I want to do is import a simple textured mesh into unreal! Thank you for reading this far!